Lukas Nowok (*1993 in Donaueschingen, Germany), sound- and media artist working across a broad field of disciplines including theater, electroacoustics and audio-visual performance- and installation arts. His works and research have been presented internationally as part of artistic research residencies and collaborations, engaging with questions of language, notation and the spatial abstraction of temporality in the context of artistic discourse. From 2016 to 2020 he has worked as a sound director at the SWR Experimentalstudio - an international touring ensemble and laboratory for contemporary music with live-electronics. As an interpreter of live-electronic music he has collaborated extensively with renowned musicians, composers and sound artists such as Chaya Czernowin, Peter Ablinger, Marcus Schmickler and many others, resulting in numerous concerts, operas, installations and audio-visual performances at festivals worldwide such as TimeSpan Festival New York (USA), SALT Festival Victoria (Canada), Studio Haiteva Tel Aviv (Israel), Warsaw Autumn (Poland), Klang Festival Copenhagen (Denmark), Borealis Festival Bergen (Norway), Donaueschingen Festival (Germany) and many more. He is currently working as the sound director of the International Ensemble Modern Academy.